Benefits & Features - Automatic Passenger Counters (APC) | UTA


  • Know your Ridership and On-time Performance (OTP)
  • Improve Transit Service and Productivity
  • Understand Quality, Utilization, and Productivity of Service
  • ROI of 200%-400% Within Two (2) Years
  • Lower Data Collection and Analysis Cost
  • Process APC Data from Non-UTA APC Systems


  • AVL/Farebox Reporting
  • Automatic Reporting through Global Reporting Module
  • 80+ Standard and Custom Analytic Reports
  • Data Quality Control Software
  • Administrative Control Reports
  • Service Productivity Reports
  • Process APC Data from Non-UTA APC Systems
  • Passenger Counting Accuracy 97-99%
  • Consistent Reliability 95-100%
  • Driver Login Independent
  • USDOT FTA, NTD and Title VI Reporting
  • Integrated with 20+ AVL Systems
  • Reporting for Bus and Rail
  • Handles Detours and Random Route Paratransit Reporting
  • Statistical & Web Based Reporting
  • Provides Real-time Passenger Load
  • Prompt and Effective Customer Support
  • Accommodates Schedule/Service/Stop Exceptions
  • ODBC Accessible Database
  • Outlier Identifications and Filters
  • Auto Email Alerts


UTA Automatic Passenger Counting | Benefits & Features

StandAlone Configuration - Automatic Passenger Counters (APC) | UTA

The UTA APC StandAlone configuration provides all APC functionality in a single, on-board system. The Model 30 CPU has Wireless LAN/Cellular connectivity, GPS and onboard data storage.

UTA Automatic Passenger Counting | Outputs From Bus I/O System - UTA CPU

Integrated Configuration - Automatic Passenger Counters (APC) | UTA

The UTA SmartSensor CPU is designed to integrate via J1708 and/or RS232 to on-board ITS systems such as AVL, Annunciator, and/or Fare Collection Systems.

UTA Automatic Passenger Counting | Outputs From Bus I/O System - AVL CPU

Lease - Automatic Passenger Counters (APC) | UTA


Transit agencies frequently lease UTA’s APC system for short term data collection and analysis.

Installation by Bus Manufacturer

UTA APC systems can be installed at your transit agency by UTA staff or OEM-installed by the bus manufacturer. UTA has been recognized for achieving the highest supplier ratings for on-time delivery, performance and equipment quality.

Bus Signal Prioritization (BSP)

For over 10 years UTA offers bus signal priority (BSP) or transit signal priority (TSP) systems to improve service and reduce delay for transit vehicles at intersections controlled by traffic signals.

Installation by Bus Manufacturer - Automatic Passenger Counters (APC) | UTA

Bus Signal Prioritization (BSP) - Automatic Passenger Counters (APC) | UTA

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