Project History

In each of the cities listed below, specific emphasis has been placed on working with the transit user departments to develop unique APC reports that meet the user's unique analytic requirements. Along with being exposed to a variety of analytic requirements, each transit system has a unique set of terminology and operating procedures. UTA has had a considerable amount of experience in integrating APC hardware and software into the operational environment of transit systems.

Boston, MA (MBTA)
Honolulu, HI (OTS)
Atlanta, GA (MARTA)
Philadelphia, PA (SEPTA)
San Francisco, CA (MUNI )
Cincinnati, OH (SORTA)
Los Angeles, CA (LACMTA)
Columbus, OH (COTA)
Vancouver, B.C. (GVTA)
Oakland, CA (ACTransit)
San Juan, P.R. (AMA)
Cleveland, OH (GCRTA)
British Columbia Transit (BC Transit)
Tampa, FL (HART)
Kansas City, MO (KCATA)
Lincoln, Nebraska (Star Tran)
Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA)
Albuquerque (SUNTRAN)
Niagara Frontier Transit Authority (NFTA)
St. Louis, MO (Bi-State)
Austin, TX (CMTA)
Grand Rapids, MI (GRATA)
San Bernardino, CA (Omnitrans)
City of Tempe, AZ
Gainesville, Fl (RTD)
Pittsburgh, PA (PAT)
Orlando, FL (LYNX)
Washington, DC (WMATA)
Union City, CA
Denver, CO (RTD)
Salt Lake City, UT (UTA)
Milwaukee, WI (MCTS)
Dallas, TX (DART)
San Jose, CA (SCCTA)
Jacksonville, FL (JTA)
Chicago, IL (CTA)
New Jersey Transit (NJT)
Lexington, KY (Lextran)
Albany, NY (CDTA)
South Bend, IN (OTS)
Central Florida Regional Transit Auth (LYNX)
Lafayette, IN (GLPTC)
University of Minnesota
Ann Arbor, MI (AATA)
Minneapolis, MN (MCTO)
Middletown, OH (MTS)
Baltimore, MD (MTA)
Riverside, CA (RTA)
Chicago, IL (Pace Suburban Bus Service)
Sarasota, FL (SCAT)
Salem, OR (Salem Area Transit)
Lee County, FL (LEETRAN)
Emeryville, CA (Emery-Go-Round)
Rochester, NY (RGRTA)
Greensboro, NC (GTA)
West Palm, FL (PalmTran)
Blacksburg, VA (BVTA)
Toronto Airport (GTAA)
Chapel Hill, NC (CHT)
Raleigh, NC (CATS)
Triangle Transit Authority, NC (TTA)
Emory University, GA
Durham, NC (DATA)
Georgia Tech University
St. Petersburg, FL (PSTA)
University of Rochester
Boulder, CO
O'Hare Airport Shuttle

As a result of more than two decades of transit data collection and analysis experience, UTA is uniquely qualified to provide transit users with a comprehensive and detailed set of data and information that reflects the quality and productivity of local transit service.

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