Configurations - APC Hardware | UTA

Stand Alone or Integrated
The UTA APC StandAlone configuration provides all APC functionality in a single, on-board system. The Model 30 CPU has Wireless LAN/Cellular connectivity, GPS and onboard data storage.

Output From Bus I/O System - UTA CPU Output From Bus I/O System - AVL CPU

Model 30 CPU - APC Hardware | UTA

  • Merges SmartSensor APC Data Records with GPS, Time, Date
  • Transmits APC Data via Wi-Fi or Cellular

Interface Module - APC Hardware | UTA

  • Aggregates counts
  • Receives discrete inputs from bus I/O system
  • Generates APC Data Records

Sensors - APC Hardware | UTA

  • Highest documented levels of passenger counting accuracy
  • Installed on more than 10,000 buses
  • Overhead or Horizontal configuration depending on the application

Multi-Slot Bike Rack - APC Hardware | UTA

Multi-Slot Bike Rack

  • Obtain Origin-Destination for each bike with multi-slot bike rack monitoring

Wheel Chair Monitoring - APC Hardware | UTA

Wheel Chair Monitoring

  • Obtain Origin-Destination for each wheel chair event

Ignition Monitoring - APC Hardware | UTA

RFID Tag Reader- Rail Applications - APC Hardware | UTA

RFID Tag Reader– Rail Applications

  • Detects accurate arrival/departure for underground rail stations

Hardware Diagnostics - APC Hardware | UTA

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